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If you don't follow me over on AO3 or Fanfiction.net (why NOT?), I just posted a Labyrinth fandom one-shot yesterday. It's about 10K words and a pretty complete read on its own, though I might give it a sequel eventually. I brain vomited it out a couple of weekends ago after reading almost every single Labyrinth fanfic I could find and realizing a couple of things that drive me crazy about my first fandom:

1. Labyrinth fans, for some odd reason, write Hoggle like he lives in the Bronx or Jersey. Seriously, every single time I read Hoggle dialogue where he says "yous" instead of "you" I want to punch something. 

2. Some Labyrinth fans really, really romanticize abusive relationships. They love to write Jareth as if he's been in love with Sarah since she was fourteen years old, when he spent a grand total of mmmaaaaaybe an hour in her presence. But that's obviously enough to justify him stalking her and being creepy and manipulative. And of course in the end Sarah usually rewards him by falling in love with him in spite of, and sometimes (revoltingly) because of, all of that. 

Obviously, I'm not a fan of those sorts of stories. 

Because ... ew. 

So I wrote Monsters, as a break from the long multi-chapter fanfic I've been working on, as a sort of antidote. I don't want to give away the ending or anything, but if you're a Labyrinth fan who HATES the abusive Jareth trope, I think you'll dig it. 

You can find it here: 

Comments are always appreciated, of course. 

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Is this thing still on?

Posted on 2018.09.10 at 22:26
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Hi. I'm alive. I'm writing again (Labyrinth fan fiction, at the moment). Just wanted to dust this thing off and see if anyone out there was still around. 

Posted this earlier to FF.net and AO3 and Tumblr (sort of). Suppose I ought to post it here.

And BEFORE you complain that this isn't more DUST: Yes, I'm aware. Still working on DUST. There's two chapters of it up over at the Elysian Fields archive site that aren't posted anywhere else. Go read those. :) I'll post the rest when I'm done.

OR :) If you're in the Once Upon A Time fandom, here's a little Captain Hook missing scene/oneshot that I knocked out yesterday.

Title: Time and Tide
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Genre: General? This is a missing scene. There's not a lot of action. It's mostly getting Hook from point A to point B.
Shippy?: Yeah, there's some hints at Hook/Swan going on here. Some Milah angst, too.
Rating: Teen, I guess, for some vaguely naughty words and references to violence.

Summary: After the events of “Manhattan,” Killian Jones wakes up with a throbbing headache, once more tied up, and uncertain about his future.

No Hook/Emma interaction, unfortunately. Just a peek inside his skull as he makes his way back to Storybrooke. But if you’re wearing your Official Captain Swan Shipping Goggles™, there’s plenty here to enjoy, though.

[Insert standard disclaimer here: not my property, just writing for fun and amusement.]
Killian comes to consciousness like a man swimming up from the depths of some black lagoon. If he's going to be honest—which tends to be far more often than most realize—he doesn't really want to be conscious. He's faintly certain that the Indian tribe that is pounding war drums in his skull has nothing to do with rum. Rum is a friend. Centuries of imbibing the stuff has given him a nearly inhuman tolerance for drinking alcohol of any sort and it's been decades since he last drank himself into a complete stupor.Collapse )



Posted on 2013.03.14 at 11:46
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So, this comment just arrived on my last post, which was a quick, off-the-cuff one shot for the Lizzie Bennett Diaries.

"Please finish Dust. Re-read and it's still as great, if not even better. Takes me back to all the first-class Spuffy characterizations of the series years - but your story has the advantage of very little contribution from the Scoobies. In the series most definitely and in fanfiction they have sometimes over-indulged their sense of import in the Slayer's life. Not in Dust......because, they are, thankfully, fast a-bloody sleep. It's all him and her and it's excellent him and her. Please, pretty please, finish your great story. Thank you."

Now, first of all, Anonymous, can I point out that its really nice that you like DUST so much--but it was kind of crappy to leave this as a comment on a Fic for another fandom entirely? (Which is why I'm not unscreening your comment on it, BTW).

It's like maybe you think I'm wasting my time writing in other fandoms and you think you're steering me back on track?

I'm pretty sure my Labyrinth readers have thought the same thing about my Buffy fics for years.

Fact is, however, writing is writing. If I can spit out 12 pages of LBD fanfic in less than a day, it means I'm getting past writers block preventing me from writing DUST.

But whatever.

Let me just address a couple things here.

First, (and once more, with feeling) I AM STILL WRITING DUST. I have been, off and on, for months. Whenever I find the time and inspiration, I go back to it. If I'm not posting what I'm writing, it's because I'd like to finish it first. That way you don't have to wait a year between updates. Be patient. I do not need reminders that people want me to finish it. Trust me, I know. That's why I've restated it sixty bajillion times.

Second, I really don't care for character bashing. I get that some people aren't a fan of the Scoobies. I get that DUST might be appealing because the Scoobies are asleep and therefore seemingly uninvolved in the story. (Small spoiler:) That might not be as true as you think, nor will it always be the case. I fear you are in for some disappointment. If that's the main reason you like my story... Might want to take this extended hiatus as an opportunity to stop reading it.

I love canon. I love these characters and their relationships. DUST was, in part about exploring in detail the reality of Buffy and Spike as a team. That does not negate the fact that Buffy needs her friends, flawed and imperfect and realistic as their relationships may be. And they need her, and love her, and that's also important and true. Buffy is not a loner. She needs people, in some ways, more than they need her.

Please don't come to me for Scooby bashing. I won't do it.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

So... yeah. I'm watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and like everyone else I am on pins and needles every week waiting for the next episode. (I'm also watching Once Upon A Time and the waiting for THAT is even MORE painful. Why must you hiatus? WHY?)

This morning I woke up, and even though I was a teensy bit hungover, and had to be at the theatre for a show at 12:30, and then DO a show at 2 and then STRIKE the show at 4--SOMEHOW this story kind of started writing itself in my head. So I have tossed it down on paper, and here it is, unbetaed, and full of fluff (and a tiny bit of angst).

Title: Preludes
Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Rating: PG-13? (one swear word and references to naughty thoughts)
Pairing: Lizzie/Darcy (what else?)
Notes: (takes place during Episode 84, just as Darcy asks Lizzie to go to the theatre. Not really AU, and fits canon. I'd call it a missing moment, but it's really more of a missed moment. Spoilers for episode 84, I guess.
Summary: Three seconds, spun out into forever. What happens in the silence between a question and the beep of a cell phone.
Worlds revolve in the silence like the spin of a roulette wheel. In that moment, the universe holds its breath as the spin slows, spiraling toward a stop. The future begins to unfurl like a ship’s sail, like a newly birthed butterfly’s wings. Two hearts pound fiercely, with slightly varying levels of trepidation and hope, beneath ribs that suddenly feel too small and as fragile as glass. (But this—this is what doesn’t happen.)Collapse )

Stolen from smells_corrupt

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker ...she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal [only if you feel inclined]. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer*.

*Providing it's answerable/suitable for public posting

I'm going to be bouncing around like a loony tomorrow, but I will try to answer everyone within the next few days, if you do ask me something. 


Good causes

Posted on 2013.01.20 at 21:00
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One of the things I have loved most about joining the Buffy fandom has been the people that I have met. Everyone has always been so welcoming, arms wide open, willing to accept old fans and new alike. It has been heartwarming and humbling, and it's one of the reasons why I want to continue writing fic for these amazing people.

To that end, I'm tossing my hat into the ring for the Elysian Fields hosted Auction for Kain--an effort to help raise money for a long time member of the Buffy community who recently lost her son and who is struggling to pay bills. I've added my name to the list of participating authors, and you can donate money (or purchase items that are up for auction), and suggest prompts for fic and the author who you would like to tackle your prompt. If you're one of the top five donators, one of the participating authors will pick your prompt and write a fic for you. Prompts from the rest of the donators will be tossed out to the rest of the participating authors to tackle, so you have a fairly good chance of seeing a fic based on one of your prompts, possibly from one of your favorite authors Here's a link to how this works

Even if you're not in the mood for fic prompts, please consider donating? I think it's wonderful that so many people are willing to band together to help a fellow community member in a time of personal need.

I'm writing this because I ought to be working, but I don't feel like it at the moment. 

I woke up this morning to find that "West of the Moon" has garnered a couple of nominations over at the Absence of Light Awards. I'm thrilled, if a little surprised, since I don't really think of the story as being that dark or angsty overall, and it's been a few years since I finished it, but it's still awesome to be nominated. 

I'm on Tumblr now, under my real name -- though I think somewhere I had made a fandom Tumblr and then promptly never used it. Whoops. I keep waffling over whether to reveal it or not, partially because I've worked very hard over the last decade or so to keep my fandom life and my real life from crossing over too much. However, in the last few months I've discovered that you can't prevent that from happening, no matter how hard you try (although, admittedly, I've been trying less hard as of late). My Tumblr has become the place where I don't worry about looking professional, and I don't post a ton of work stuff anyway -- especially not now that my job has changed, somewhat. I reblog a lot of fandom stuff there, and I read a lot of fandom blogs so it seems silly NOT to let it cross over. 

Part of what has led me to consider it is that, last month, while randomly scrolling through my feed, I came across someone I follow who was talking about "West of the Moon." She was just reading it for the first time, and her thoughts on it were ... interesting. Honest. Really honest, because she obviously had no way of knowing that I follow her blog or that I'd be reading her thoughtsRead more...so, so much more...Collapse )

So, thanks to borg_princess, I have copies of Dangers Untold and Shove's Tale again. 

There may be some dancing for joy happening over here. :)

While I'm still hesitant to repost them to FF.net, I may go ahead and rearchive these fics over on AO3.

Just in case. 

On a different topic ... supposing I was writing a story that's based on Alice in Wonderland, but not on any of the established remakes of it (like Tim Burtons, or the SyFy version, etc. -- both of which I love, by the way, but this is something else.) It's kind of my original (well, as original as such a thing can be, I suppose) take on the story. Would any of you be interested in reading such a thing, if I were to post a few chapters here? 



Posted on 2012.11.30 at 17:10
Current Mood: heartbroken
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So, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I had the perfect storm of bad computer luck. The long and short of it is this: my hard drives on my main computer were completely fried. Toasted to a crisp. 

All my work, everything, for the last seven years was on those drives. It got hosed in less than a second. 

We sent the drives off to a data recovery center, in the hope that they might be able to recover my files. At last estimate, they said it could be January before they know if they can get anything off of them, and I'm looking at over $2000 to get back what I can, and even then the files may be totally corrupted. I don't *have* $2000 to spend on this. 

There are moments that are just soul crushing. 

I'm having that moment right now.

On the bright side, if there is one at all: I do most of my writing using Google Docs. That means that DUST (including all of the chapters I haven't posted yet) is safe. So are my backups of "West of the Moon", my unfinished epic Labyrinth Fic "Unlikely Ways", several short fics that weren't finished yet, and one long unfinished original novel.

However: remember how a few months ago I had yanked some of my unfinished Labyrinth fics down off FF.net because I was peeved at an overly entitled fan? Yeah. The only backup copies I had of "Dangers Untold" and "Shove's Tale" were on that fried hard drive. 

In the grand scheme of things, they aren't that important. I lost WAY more important stuff than those two fics. But I'm hoping that maybe, just ... maybe, one of you lovely readers out there downloaded those fics to read later and have copies of them somewhere. I don't know if I'm ever going to get around to finishing them, but right now, even if I wanted to, I don't even have the ghost of them to work from. 

So, if you're one of my Labyrinth readers, and you have copies of either "Dangers Untold" or "Shove's Tale", or if you know of someone who might... let me know? Please? 


How to utterly make my day...

Posted on 2012.10.13 at 14:08
Current Mood: ecstatic
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Someone made a Spuffy fan vid based on a moment in my story "West of the Moon, East of the Sun." This absolutely made my morning.

Here's the scene from "West of the Moon" that inspired them (it's in Chapter 7: Ask Me No Questions):

He stands and heads for the pool tables, leaving me no choice but to follow. It's a slow night, there's no band playing tonight, so the tables are mostly empty. Just a few college kids and some high-schoolers fooling around. Spike picks up a triangle thingy and racks the balls on the table with the efficiency of a born pool-shark. Xander would be jealous.

When he tosses me a cue, I catch it easily. "Want to break, Slayer?" he asks. "Ladies first."

There's a challenge in his eyes. I've never backed down from him yet, and I'm not about to now. "Fine, but then you start singing again, Spikey."

He curls his tongue. "Could," he says, doing that growly thing again. "But then you'd have to protect me when all the women start throwing themselves at me. Want to be my bodyguard, Betty?"

What? Are we stuck back in Jonathan's delusional glory days? Then the pop-culture reference clicks. Spike thinks he can out-pop-culture me?

"You're a pig, Al." I put a little too much Slayer strength into the break, and the balls fly across the table with a loud crack. Takes a minute for them to stop ricocheting... and somehow I never manage to sink even one. So not fair.

When I wrote that, I mentioned that the song "Call Me Al" had struck me as being weirdly appropriate for Spike (and Buffy, sort of). It thrills me to little tiny pieces that someone else agreed with me enough to vid it.


Still Alive

Posted on 2012.10.06 at 20:12
Current Mood: bored
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I've been wretchedly busy, but I can see the clouds starting to clear ahead and there is writing on the horizon. I sincerely apologize for being absent for so long. I think I worried a few of you--thanks to those of you who messaged me privately to be sure I was still amongst the living.

Yes, I am and I have writing to coming up.

- I signed up for the Labyrinth Fic Exchange, and I have some fun plot bunnies skipping around in my head that are going to need written at some point soon.

- I'm going to be devoting Nanowrimo to trying to finish DUST. It's a goal. I'm going to do this. It's bothering me that it's stuck where it is, so I'm gonna finish it. And when you next see me posting DUST, it's going to be because it's DONE.

- Also, in totally different fandom news, I'm a big BBC Sherlock fan. Not in a "I'm going to write fan fic about this" kind of way. At least... not yet, anyway. Even if I did, it wouldn't be slashy so you can put down the drool buckets right now fangirls. Actually I find it really fascinating in a totally analytic, how-to-write way. So, I started a blog to analyze the show (and possibly to answer some major questions left from the end of season 2. Warning: Contains spoilers for everything up through the end of Series 2. DO NOT READ if you haven't watched all six episodes. But if you're like me and kind of gnawing on the furniture while you wait for Season 3 to start filming, I'm trying to post stuff over there every few days.

So, November: anyone else working on something for Nanowrimo? (In my case I'm calling it Nanofimo--National Novel FINISHING month.)

So you know how yesterday I was all "Oh, the FF.net thing is irritating, but I'll just back up my fics and say to hell with it"?

Yeah, that was yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday evening I got this ... review. I'm posting the first part of it here because I forgot to save it in its entirety. Which is fine, because really just the first paragraphs are enough to piss you right the hell off.

We have been observing and waiting...Those who are kept waiting to long could
get creative and issue public notices like the one served to the author
Purplerhino (below*) . Consider this a compliment; your work is worth notice
and followup. Not that you need the ego boost. It has not escaped our notice
that your normally finish what you start. You could think about taking it down
or handpicking another author finish it. Otherwise it's just another in a long
line of the unfinished and no one thinks this story deserves to be on that
stagnate list.

*We the public on fanfiction have been waiting for "Purplerhino" to finish
"Perchance To..." for years. The aforementioned author has had adequate time
to finish this story. This is a clear case of story abandonment. *see fine
print below* Further more in the case of said abandoned story: "Perchance
To...", we the public on fanfiction claim ownership of Perchance To... and are
donating its creative entirety to any accomplished author willing to finish
this story.

*thepublicswish does not encourage or condone plagiarism of claimed,completed
material by active or inactive writers on  . The exception being with the
express permission of owner or author(s)of abandoned incomplete material.

this public court finds this arrangement benefits all and could end the
plagiarism epidemic currently causin...


Cut for swearing. And ranting. Collapse )


Moving Moving Moving...

Posted on 2012.06.06 at 19:26
Current Mood: exhausted
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So, we bought a new house, and we officially moved in about a week ago. I am still living amongst boxes while I juggled necessity: should I paint that bookcase now? Or hope I have the initiative to do it later? What about my dress? Vanity? I need more bookshelves! Why do I have so many freaking books!??? OMG I'M DROWNING IN BOXES!

The husband and teenager are ... er ... helping. Mostly by staying out of the way, which I suppose is somewhat helpful.

The cats are helping by climbing all over the boxes and furniture like they are mountains and must be conquered just because they are THERE. This meant that this morning my youngest cat woke me up from my morning shamble around the kitchen by knocking a box of Christmas ornaments off of a high spot where they shouldn't have been in the first place. I'm kind of scared to open the box since it's the box of things that I've had since I was a baby and many of those ornaments are one of a kind and irreplaceable.

Maybe I'll just wait until the kitty has gone and hid somewhere for a while.

Finally, in fandom related news: I'm lucky, I suppose, that all of my long Buffy fic is already archived in multiple locations and I have some fairly solid backup copies on my hard drive. Not so lucky when it comes to my Pirates and Labyrinth fics. So I'm archiving everything I have over at FF.net, including reviews. Just in case.

I pretty much refuse to edit what I've posted there for mature content. It's silly and pointless and when I put smut in a story it's usually for a purpose. If they want to yank my fics, fine. If they want to ban me, fine. I'll just post them somewhere else.

Maybe I'll even clean them up and post them somewhere else. Some of those old fics have some typos, and could use a little overhauling.

Crap, now I'm back in the moving boxes situation: Do I edit and repost them to my LJ? Do I just repost them and hope someday I feel like editing...?


Word Picture

Posting about a totally new different fandom!

Posted on 2012.05.21 at 13:53
Current Mood: pessimistic
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Okay, so I have this curse. Every single time I get into a show that's currently in production, the minute I get really attached it seems like bad things happen. That's why there are a lot of shows where I watched the first season or two, and then stopped. And waited. And once the show was done and wrapped, THEN I felt like I could go back and watch it.

That's why I didn't finish watching Buffy until 2009. That's why I STILL haven't watched past season 2 of Supernatural. That's why I'm only JUST NOW watching Season 2 of LOST.

But a friend of mine got me hooked on "Community" and I love it soooo much. And now Season 3 is over and we're only getting a short run for Season 4, and Dan Harmon is leaving(!) amid lots of bitterness, and I still think Chevy Chase is a prick and I could watch the show without him... and...

Cut for "Community" ranting and raving and minor Season 3 spoilersCollapse )


dusty things

Posted on 2012.05.09 at 17:32
Current Mood: determined
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I'm beginning to wonder if i didn't title my fic what I did because my house is literally full of dust. I have just spent the better part of four hours cleaning TWO small bookcases in my kitchen. Two. Pulling everything off of them, scrubbing off the thick layer of grease/dust/pet hair that always seems to build up in kitchens, and which you don't notice because how often do you really pull out all those cookbooks anyway?

And there's so much JUNK, too. Where does it come from? Why did I save some broken bit of plastic that doesn't apparently go to anything in my house, but which has been lovingly tossed into the Bowl Of All Small Things that sits besides the Change Bowl That Holds Everything But Change. Why do I have a plastic pirate ring that squirts water? Four pairs of irreparably broken sunglasses? A small collection of horribly ugly (and not even charmingly so) coffee mugs? Why have we saved ads for magazines for the last four years? Why?

But moving means cleaning (and people coming to look at the house definitely means cleaning) so I might as well go through all this stuff now before I have to figure out how to stuff it in boxes.

Some of it got tossed. Some will get repurposed, but so many things are just getting junked right now before I can convince myself that I really NEED that loose screw that doesn't appear to go to anything (I did not check to see if it belongs in my head, however... hmmmm).

In other news, I think I wrote close to 1000 words today, or last night or some combination of the two. So, yay. Go me.

Over The Edge

Just me...

Posted on 2012.05.04 at 19:15
Current Mood: working
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I compartmentalize my life so much.

There's "Day Job" and "Theater Stuff" and "Fandom." There's "Family" and "Friends" and "People Who I'd Like To Punch In The Throat." There's "Art" and "Writing" and "Acting" and "Designing."

Some things cross all boundaries, but most get their little sliver of my life, and when I put them away and take out something new it usually gets my mostly undivided attention while I'm playing with it. Until it's time to put it away and switch to something else.

On the one hand that means that when I'm in a particular zone, I'm THERE. And it keeps things fresh.

On the other... I can see where certain things in my life really need to integrate better, and where, if I did integrate it, it might make it easier for people to understand when I do vanish for a bit... maybe?

Anyway, here's a list of what's going on in my life, at the moment:
  • My "day job" is getting semi-shelved. I've been working freelance full time for a long time, but over the last few months the amount of time I've had to spend working has significantly dropped, not to mention I just don't have the drive to keep at it the way I used to. On the bright side, I'll be starting a new part-time job soon that will make up for what I'm losing by not doing as much freelance work.
  • I'm getting ready to start the process of packing and cleaning my house because...
  • We're in the middle of purchasing a home. Which is one of the scariest things I've ever done. I have so much doubt -- not because the house isn't great (it's really great), but because I always worry when it comes to big financial stuff. Not to mention I worry that we won't be able to keep the place up as well as it should be. My family isn't that great at the house keeping, TBH.
  • I'm writing again, mostly because it distracts me from the stress that always surrounds huge life changes.
  • I am always and forever a Labyrinth and Buffy and PotC fan, but lately I am super in love with Community. I want to be Troy and Abed's best friend and hang out with them in their blanket forts and go on adventures in the dreamatorium with them SO bad.
  • I just started watching Lost for the first time ever a couple of months ago. I'm only about halfway through Season 2 at the moment and I'm eating it up. It has so many things I love: flashbacks and long complicated stories and intertwining narratives, and weird plot twists and... so much love right now. And I'm breaking my own rule and saying PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME! (Normally I'm all about spoilers, but I'm loving watching this with no idea of whats about to happen or when). And yes, I've heard all kinds of vague things about how the series ends, and how it drags in places, and stuff, but I want to figure all that stuff out on my own.
  • The last few months I've been struggling with depression again. I'm thankful that it's not as bad as it's been before, and that I recognize it for what it is. I'm also of the opinion that we place a lot of emphasis on being happy, and that when we're not happy we feel like there is something wrong with us. Well, sometimes life kinda sucks, and it's okay to be unhappy about that. For almost a year now there's been some minor but pervasive suckage, and I'm working to make things better. Moving will help immensely, even though it comes with so much of its own stress. But it's good stress, because it's Going Forward stress.
Anyway, that's me. Just so you know that my entire life doesn't completely revolve around what I write.


My Spuffy/DUST playlist ... here there be music. Also, vids.

Posted on 2012.05.03 at 19:20
Current Mood: hopeful
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I can't write to music. If there are words it messes me up. I CAN and sometimes DO write to music that has no lyrics, but usually my favorite sound when I write is silence. I like the words to just roll around in my head so that I can hear them before I commit them to paper. (And for when my house isn't silent, there's simplynoise.com. I love the "brown noise" option. I put my headphones on and let the static drown out loud video games, barking dogs, noisy cats, teenagers who like to talk to me when I'm in the zone...)

But! I do listen to music for inspiration. When I'm cleaning around the house, or driving somewhere, or working on stuff for my day job, I have playlists set aside for whatever story I'm currently working on. I like to let the songs make pictures in my head and then later, translate them to story.

So, while I'm working on DUST, I thought I'd share a few of those songs, and why they're part of my playlist, including one that'll be mentioned in the next chapter when it goes up. Consider it a very tiny spoiler, if you will. Some of the songs on this playlist may be a little spoilery as well, if you haven't read the story yet, but they won't give away any major plot points (not obviously anyway.)
Warning, here be embedded vids...Collapse )


Oh man, here we go...

Posted on 2012.04.19 at 02:20
Current Mood: accomplished
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I spent a tiny chunk of today actually writing! (Yay!) Working right now on Chapter 36 of "DUST" (yes, I'm several chapters ahead of you guys. Just so you know that they ARE written. I promise). I should be a lot farther, but first there was writer's block, and then there was Real Life, and then MORE Real Life...

le sigh.

But I WILL finish this story. I've actually written the ending already. I have an outline and everything.

Only, that's kind of the problem. I was looking at the outline and I realized that this story that I started thinking it'd be a quickie that I could knock out in between writing "West of the Moon"... well, it's already longer than I thought. But I realized tonight that it's actually got five distinct parts. And I'm only JUST at the tail end of Part 3 right now. So, a little over halfway finished. Now, each part doesn't exactly have a set number of chapters. Part 1 was really long, Part 2 was slightly shorter. Part 3 shorter than Part 2. I don't know yet how long Parts 4 and 5 are, though I suspect that they'll be shorter than Part 2 at least.

How do you know which parts are which? Well, they each have their own banner, to start with. But it can pretty much be broken down like this:

Part I: Spike wakes up Buffy and they explore their situation.
Part II: The two of them begin working together and exploring Sunnydale for clues
Part III: Smut ... Er... Angst and Emotional Overload
Part IV: will commence with Chapter 33, and there will be a significant shift in what's going on...
Part V: ... you'll know when we get there.

But that still means that I've got at least fifteen or so chapters left to go (give or take). So for those of you who are worried that someday DUST will end? It will, eventually. But not for a while yet.

For those who are worried that I'm going to abandon this fic? I'm not. I promise. In fact I'm thinking what I'll probably do is try to finish writing Part 4, then post all of those chapters on a weekly basis. Same when I finish Part 5. So if I go a long time between posting, know that when you finally DO see the next chapter of DUST, you'll get the one after it really soon.


Fic: DUST (32/?)

Posted on 2012.04.17 at 02:17
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Previous Chapters are HERE

Title: DUST
Author: [info]knifeedgefic  
Era/Season: Season 4 (post “Harsh Light of Day” and “Fear, Itself” but before “Beer Bad”)
Rating: Mature/NC-17 (strong language, sexual situations, adult content)
Genre: other?
Betaed by: [info]goblin_dae  , [info]yakimama  , and [info]subtilior  

Summary: She'd kicked his butt, taken the Gem and sent it off to Angel. Buffy thought she'd seen the last of Spike. Clearly, she’d been too optimistic. That he was in her house, in her room, waking her out of a sound sleep and asking for (okay, demanding) her help meant that something had to be majorly wrong. They weren't due for another apocalypse, but ... why else would a vampire make a truce with the Slayer?

She was afraid, of course. He didn’t need his nose to tell him that. Stuck down here in a place that obviously brought up some bad memories, half-drowned, freezing, relying on him to get her out, add in her abandonment issues—yeah, she was afraid.Collapse )

Still alive...

If you haven't had a chance to read the Q&A I did about this story a few days ago, maybe that'll hold you over until I get a chance to update again. With any luck it won't be as long as it was this time.

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