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Posted on 2013.03.14 at 11:46
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So, this comment just arrived on my last post, which was a quick, off-the-cuff one shot for the Lizzie Bennett Diaries.

"Please finish Dust. Re-read and it's still as great, if not even better. Takes me back to all the first-class Spuffy characterizations of the series years - but your story has the advantage of very little contribution from the Scoobies. In the series most definitely and in fanfiction they have sometimes over-indulged their sense of import in the Slayer's life. Not in Dust......because, they are, thankfully, fast a-bloody sleep. It's all him and her and it's excellent him and her. Please, pretty please, finish your great story. Thank you."

Now, first of all, Anonymous, can I point out that its really nice that you like DUST so much--but it was kind of crappy to leave this as a comment on a Fic for another fandom entirely? (Which is why I'm not unscreening your comment on it, BTW).

It's like maybe you think I'm wasting my time writing in other fandoms and you think you're steering me back on track?

I'm pretty sure my Labyrinth readers have thought the same thing about my Buffy fics for years.

Fact is, however, writing is writing. If I can spit out 12 pages of LBD fanfic in less than a day, it means I'm getting past writers block preventing me from writing DUST.

But whatever.

Let me just address a couple things here.

First, (and once more, with feeling) I AM STILL WRITING DUST. I have been, off and on, for months. Whenever I find the time and inspiration, I go back to it. If I'm not posting what I'm writing, it's because I'd like to finish it first. That way you don't have to wait a year between updates. Be patient. I do not need reminders that people want me to finish it. Trust me, I know. That's why I've restated it sixty bajillion times.

Second, I really don't care for character bashing. I get that some people aren't a fan of the Scoobies. I get that DUST might be appealing because the Scoobies are asleep and therefore seemingly uninvolved in the story. (Small spoiler:) That might not be as true as you think, nor will it always be the case. I fear you are in for some disappointment. If that's the main reason you like my story... Might want to take this extended hiatus as an opportunity to stop reading it.

I love canon. I love these characters and their relationships. DUST was, in part about exploring in detail the reality of Buffy and Spike as a team. That does not negate the fact that Buffy needs her friends, flawed and imperfect and realistic as their relationships may be. And they need her, and love her, and that's also important and true. Buffy is not a loner. She needs people, in some ways, more than they need her.

Please don't come to me for Scooby bashing. I won't do it.

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wickedgillie at 2013-03-14 15:57 (UTC) (Link)

I'm looking forward to DUST, but I'm happy to see you writing at all! Multiple fandoms are good for stretching muscles, shaking off rust, and generally making one a better writer. Keep on keepin' on.
rebcake at 2013-03-14 16:17 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sure I'm not alone in always being happy to hear that you are working on DUST, whenever you pop up to tell us so. But really, can't people just let you do your thing without harassing you in other fandoms?

I can't agree enough about the bashing. Even when I am annoyed at a character for something — especially when I am annoyed, actually — it's far more satisfying to try to understand where they are coming from than to simplify them into boring villainy. I might not seek out Willow-centric fic, for instance, but I am always interested in her relationship with Buffy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with everybody!
brutti_ma_buoni at 2013-03-14 17:05 (UTC) (Link)
You remind me of the upside to being fundamentally unable to write long fic...

And an amen to not writing character bashing. I've never understood devotedly watching a show where you loathe significant characters. And it makes for tedious fic if part of your mindset is excluding parts of canon. (As opposed to focusing positively on the bits that interest you.)
diebirchen & over 18
diebirchen at 2013-03-14 17:09 (UTC) (Link)
The main reasons I love "Dust" are because it's a fascinating concept, and it's amazingly and beautifully well-written. I'm waiting hopefully, politely, and with great expectation.
mike13z50 at 2013-03-14 17:55 (UTC) (Link)
Thank your for writing both West & Dust. They have a lot of nerve complaining about the pace of free entertainment.

I'm reminded of the blog post about "George Martin not being your bitca."

Anyway, just happened to re-read dust last night, along with the new chapters up on the EF auction site. The dreams Buffy is having make me think that perhaps the future scooby gang is messing with the past, and it will be true loves kiss that ends the spell. Probably off base.

Take your time and finish at your own pace. Your writing is worth waiting for.
singedbylife at 2013-03-14 18:22 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I'm not a fan of character bashing either.

I enjoy that they are all sort of flawed - that's what makes them believable and whole. And worth writing about.
zanthinegirl at 2013-03-14 19:22 (UTC) (Link)
I'm hoping for more Dust too, but I really don't get where your anonymous commenter is coming from. I don't get character bashing. I like the characters; why watch the show otherwise? I don't get it. It must be really frustrating to watch an ensemble show where you hate the characters!

Glad to hear you're writing! And how did I miss LBD fic? I'm enjoying the heck out of that web series!
slaymesoftly at 2013-03-14 22:03 (UTC) (Link)
Excellent response to an extremely annoying "review". I'm not sure how someone who has been following DUST cannot have seen your posts about how you're still working on it. But people are weird...

Edited at 2013-03-14 10:05 pm (UTC)
Tipa Andreea
Tipa Andreea at 2013-03-18 15:58 (UTC) (Link)


I often found myself annoyed when i read a fic...and i like the plot and the dialog ...and then the character bashing starts....it really puts me off and i usually quit reading it.
You respect the characters, their voices are true to what we know about them from the show and that is one reason (among many) why i like reading you.
emynii at 2013-03-19 23:01 (UTC) (Link)
I also want to add that based on West of the Moon, your Scoobies-voice is dead on. You write them really well, so I'm looking forward to their inclusion into DUST when it's ready for them.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapters, but nagging you about it isn't going to make you write faster.

Meanwhile, I'll just re-read West of the Moon & what part of DUST you have up :)
vishae at 2013-03-22 01:54 (UTC) (Link)
Great to hear that you're still doing Dust. I mainly access your fanfiction through FF (I never remember to look at your livejournal page) and was a bit confused when I didn't see Dust listed under your name, nor saw it under my "favourites" list (got a bit worried too TBH).

It wasn't until I read your harddrive issue that I realised what happened - sucks a million btw, but glad you got your fanfics back at least (even if for selfish reasons).

As I wrote in my original review for Preludes, I'm really glad you wrote it, because it introduced me to LBD and I look forward to reading more fanfic based on it.

For now, I will mentally debate over the wisdom of re-reading Dust, knowing that I would be craving for new chapters again once I've caught up (it took me a long time to wean myself off the cravings...)
Perhaps I should re-read West again...
gillo at 2014-10-21 23:40 (UTC) (Link)
In the last three days I have not so much read as inhaled both 'West...' and 'Dust'. I loved both more than I can say and am in awe of your skills at handling such complex plots with such dexterity while writing such compelling individual episodes.

I am sad, of course, that there is as yet no more 'Dust' for me to read, and have to accept that by now you may have moved on altogether. Despite this, I wouldn't have missed a sentence of it - such a compelling concept and a fascinating way to foreground the complexities and contradictions in their relationship while introducing fascinating references to almost every season. Buffy's dreams of Tara are particularly compelling, especially when Tara says she is dead - yet Buffy, to the best of her current knowledge, has never met her. I would so very much love to see how you planned to resolve the situation.

I just don't get people who consider themselves entitled to demand more, let alone make such offensive comments masquerading as praise. Thank you for all you have created and shared with your readers, and for the generosity of spirit which you show in virtually everything you write.
bitcheesquared at 2014-11-07 19:01 (UTC) (Link)


I don't know how I missed this story, what with my nearly obsessive Spuffy addiction, I'm just glad I finally stumbled upon it.

First let me say that your characterization of the two of them, is some of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read. This is the way Spike would be if the show hadn't had to sanitize his actions for the ratings. While your portrayal of Buffy and her beliefs and insecurities, are exactly what and where they would and should be for this time frame, so kudos for nailing her so perfectly.
And above everything else... Thank you for the perfect spacing of this story. I've so often read stories (even though I enjoyed them)where I still found the pacing of the development in their relationship to be rushed and not very realistic.
What some readers and writers don't seem to understand, is that sexual chemistry aside, these two are natural enemies and having them fall passionately in love five chapters in isn't actually feasible.
Your story makes sense, in that you are building a believable relationship between two people that have no reason to like each other, let alone love and anyone that tells you differently, should just go read Spuffy porn if all they want is the fluffy rainbow sex.
This is also one of the most interesting plots I've had the pleasure to read and believable enough to have been an episode on the show, which is an added bonus.
I've hung on every word you've written and even if I never get to read the end this is still going on my list of ones I will re-read more than twice.
Brilliant in every respect and the asses that say differently should just fuck off and go re-read twilight.
Thank you for doing the impossible... giving me this gem so long after my favorite ship has nearly vanished.

Cheers Donna aka bitcheesquared.
singedbylife at 2015-02-24 00:06 (UTC) (Link)
Hope you are alive and well. Forever a fan of your works.
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