New Fic and ... stuff

If you don't follow me over on AO3 or (why NOT?), I just posted a Labyrinth fandom one-shot yesterday. It's about 10K words and a pretty complete read on its own, though I might give it a sequel eventually. I brain vomited it out a couple of weekends ago after reading almost every single Labyrinth fanfic I could find and realizing a couple of things that drive me crazy about my first fandom:

1. Labyrinth fans, for some odd reason, write Hoggle like he lives in the Bronx or Jersey. Seriously, every single time I read Hoggle dialogue where he says "yous" instead of "you" I want to punch something. 

2. Some Labyrinth fans really, really romanticize abusive relationships. They love to write Jareth as if he's been in love with Sarah since she was fourteen years old, when he spent a grand total of mmmaaaaaybe an hour in her presence. But that's obviously enough to justify him stalking her and being creepy and manipulative. And of course in the end Sarah usually rewards him by falling in love with him in spite of, and sometimes (revoltingly) because of, all of that. 

Obviously, I'm not a fan of those sorts of stories. 

Because ... ew. 

So I wrote Monsters, as a break from the long multi-chapter fanfic I've been working on, as a sort of antidote. I don't want to give away the ending or anything, but if you're a Labyrinth fan who HATES the abusive Jareth trope, I think you'll dig it. 

You can find it here: 

Comments are always appreciated, of course. 

It's a little weird to be coming back to fanfic after so long away. The last thing I wrote and published was back in 2013, and I'm fairly certain a lot of people thought I'd dropped off the face of the planet, unless they follow me on Tumblr. (And possibly even then). 

I didn't, obviously. 

I've been trying to work on writing some original stuff. My writing partner and I have been plugging away at world building and rough drafts for several original novels over the past five years or so, although none of it's really close to ready for any kind of publication. We're still working on it. Just taking a break for a bit to focus on some fan fiction things for a while and get the brain juices flowing again. 

Speaking of:

I'd like to plug a story by my writing partner, 3Hours. She just started writing in the Dragon Age fandom (but previously wrote a lot of Buffy fan fiction). If you're into REALLY smutty Dragon Age M!Hawke/Fenris fics you should definitely check it out and leave her a comment or two. It's a three chapter fic, with two already posted. Third chapter is already complete. 


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